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BMS_ChannelScheduler Pro 2.9
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Features- LivePlayList, Filler, Programs Scheduler, TimeAd Scheduler, Cam Inpot, ChromaKey , Net Live, SMS, Bottom Scroll, Top Scroll, Flash Scroll, Flash Ads, Layout, HD VIDEO FILES SUPPORT & more...
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Features- LivePlayList, Filler Schedule, Programs Scheduler, TimeAd Scheduler,Two Cam Inpot, ChromaKey , Net Live, Zoom Settings, SMS, Bottom Scroll, Top Scroll, Flash Scroll, Pro Scroll, Flash Ads, Layout, Pro Title, Back in & more... HD Playout CS v3.7, support a lot of advanced features for advanced users.You´ll find it amazing!
HD Playout CS v3.7
Update from (01/10/2014)
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BlackMoonSoft for Cable TV Operators are exclusively designed for both Professionals and Amateurs to run their complete Automated TV Channel with a Personal Computer.
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